25 most affordable cars and SUVs

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25 most affordable cars and SUVs

As of September 27, the cheapest new car is ranked according to the median price of Cars.com dealers and the current starting price in 2022, unless otherwise stated. All starting prices include destination charges and, if it is optional, automatic transmissions. For clarity, we bolded all SUVs with available AWD, and bolded and italicized models sold as SUVs if AWD was not provided.   

1. Chevrolet Spark: Median list price of US$16,109; starting price (2022) US$16,090

2. Kia Rio: median list price of US$17,281; starting price (2022) US$17,145

3. Mitsubishi Mirage: median list price of US$17,735; starting price (2021) US$16,590

4. Hyundai Accent: median list price of US$17,950; starting price (2021) US$17,500

5. Nissan Versa: median list price of US$18,030; starting price (2021) US$17,625

6. Kia Forte: The median list price is US$20,540; the starting price (2022) is US$20,085

7. Kia Soul: List price

Median US$21,220; starting price (2022) US$20,365 8. Nissan Sentra: Median list price US$21,664; starting price (2021) US$20,485

9. Hyundai Venue: median list price of 21,990 US dollars; starting price (2021) $19,935

10. Toyota Corolla: Median list price of US$22,580; starting price (2022) US$21,100

11. Subaru Impreza: Median list price of US$22,631; starting price (2022) US$21,055

12. Nissan Kicks: Median list price of US$22,825; starting price (2021) US$20,775

13. Hyundai Elantra: median list price of US$23,156; starting price (2022) US$20,875

14. Chevrolet Trax: The median list price is $23,260; the starting price (2022) is $22,595

15. Honda Civic: Median list price of US$24,312; starting price (2022) US$22,915

16. Ford EcoSport: Median list price of US$24,805; starting price (2021) US$21,640

17. Toyota Corolla Hybrid: median list price of US$24,837; starting price (2022) of US$24,675

18. Toyota C-HR: median list price of $25,109; starting price (2021) $22,910

19. Volkswagen Jetta: median list price of US$25,155; starting price (2021) US$20,790

20. Honda HR-V: Median list price of US$25,169; starting price (2022) US$22,645

21. Chevrolet Malibu: Median list price: US$25,446; starting price (2022) US$24,395

22. Buick Encore: median list price of US$25,663; starting price (2022) of US$25,795

23. Kia Seltos: The median list price is US$25,861; the starting price (2022) is US$23,665

24. Chevrolet Trailblazer: median list price of US$25,907; starting price (2022) of US$22,795

25. Hyundai Kona: median list price of $26,020; starting price (2021) $22,375


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